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Thursday, May 17, 2007


There is the Ba'alwie haul today.

I cant go unfortunately as Im ending work at 6.30 today and also having abit of asthma. But Hubby is going insyallah. He will try to leave ard 5pm to go to Masjid Ba'alwie.

The thing is with the men, they can come to the haul even after magrib and there would still be space in the masjid area.
But for the ladies, by Zohor, all the space in the masjid Iktiqaf area will be full and even by Asar, the whole tentage area for the Muslimahs are full.

I went there 2 years ago for the haul which was a last minute decision when hubby urge me to go too. It was a first that I attended a haul.

I took time off at 4.30pm and took a cab there. When I reached there, the mosque was so pack, with policemen outside to controll trafic coming in and out of the side roads.

At first, I dint get to sit in the mosque as it was sparsely full but all the praying area had bags to 'reserved' space for whoever had come earlier but had gone walking around to eat or to go toilet.

But After much coaxing from hubby to find a place to sit in the mosque, i finally went in and sat on a prayer mat that already had bags reserved, but i push aside the bags to make some space for me. Needless to say, during prayer time, I was cramp in between as I has such small space
but of course I was happy and thankful that my first visit to Masjid Ba'alwie sent me right in the Iktiqaf area.

Hauls are interesting and bring many blessings. Imagine the Angels decending down from heavens to attend this hauls too.

Many Habaibs would come from all over the world. They are usually big Imams, Sheikhs , Kiyaies.
They will each take turn to speak about the blessed wali whose haul is being held eg Ba'alwie or Habib Nuh or they will give some good advise following Hadiths.

Or some of them recite the Quranic verses or sing Qashidah. I remember hearing Sheikh Riduan from Egypt reading the Quran and his voice was so smooth, and I remember Sheikh Affifudin from Iraq singing Qashidah.

And there was this sheikh from Sudan who sang a qashidah with an African tune.

Insyallah, I plan to go for next year's haul. See next year, insyallah, we will have our own transport and i will take advance leave and Little Habib will be abit older.

Last Sunday was the haul of Habib Nuh AlHabsyi.
I went there at Palmer road to pick hubby up and at 9plus pm, the place was still so pack with jemaahs. There was a big tentage for the jemaahs to eat at. Hubby said the queue for the briyani was so long that he only finished eating at 10.00pm.

Habib Nuh is from the decendant of the prophet from Saiyidina Hussein r.a. side.

I remember visiting his maqam with hubby once when I was trying for a baby.

Our intention to visit this wali Allah was clear.
It was not to ask from him to give me a baby but i had gone there to ask him to help doa for me to Allah.

These Wali, they are very close to Allah and their doa is makbul. And Alhamdullilah, shortly after I visited Habib Nuh, I found out I had a cyst and when the cyst was removed, I managed to get preggy.

I believe, it must be berkat from visiting Habib Nuh and saying my doas at his maqam as if he is hearing and is helping me to doa as well.

I feel that its good to visit Maqams of walis. But our intention must be correct and there should be no syiriq / malice involve.

Is Habib Nuh still alive ? Well.. according to Surah Al-Imran (169-170)

'' Think not of those who are slain in Allah.s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve. ''
''Dan Jangan sekali-kali engkau menyangka orang-orang yang gugur pada jalan Allah itu mati. ( mereka tidak mati ) bahkan mereka hidup ( secara istimewa) di sisi Tuhan.''

I read this book that hubby bought at the maqam last year '' LAMBANG TERUKIR'' DALAM MENGISAHKAN MANAQAIB HABIB NUH BIN MUHAMMAD ALHABSYI yang Syahir.
Written and compiled by Ustaz Ghouse Khan Suratee.

Its filled with the biography of habib Nuh and his karamahs.

There are too many stories and facts to mention, but the book is very interesting and mind blowing i must say.
Habib Nuh can walk in the rain without being wet.
Habib Nuh can cure the sick miraculously and he can turn water into milk for hungry babies.

I think I shall not mention more because all this might be too hard to believe for the unbelievers.

Habib Nuh was born in 1788 and left this world on the 28th of July 1866. He was 78 years old.

This Sun morning, Hubby would be going to haul of Sheikh Umar Alkhatib at Masjid Abdul Razak.

Insyallah may Allah bless my family when the doas of the Habaibs befall on Hubby when he is there.


nor said...


i tink the one at Habib Nuh was last Saturday, i was there...outside, waiting for my dad, cos, he cooked or rather help out w the cooking of briyani..;)

i did visit the makam while waiting..
maybe we'd bump into each other, only we didnt know...hehhee

Ummi's BLOG said...

really ? hmm.. shall we send each other pcitures so next time we can recognise if we see each other outside..hee