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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday's thoughts...

Its a quiet Sunday... Im going to pick up Little Habib soon cos I put him at my mum's place this morning. Went for my fardhu ain's class at Masjid Mydin, then I went to NTUC pharmacy to get Little Habib some supplements since he dosent like Milk very much. I bought Nutrogain. Hope its helps him abit...

In my fardhu Ain class, Ustaz suhaimi talked abt bab Wudhu for fikh and for Tauhid, he told us abt the Kadianis.

Nothing much to blog. Im trying to be strong each day... and i really feel that everything that happens is of God's will and there is a lesson behind each test.

I do feel calm. Ive cleared any hatred. Sincerly I wish EVERYONE well. God is my witness to that. All Praises to Allah.


I also bought Hj Aminah Adil's book at Wardha. Title : MUHAMMAD THE MESSENGER OF ISLAM. His Life and Prophecy.
Hj Amina is the wife of Sheikh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani from the Naqshabandi tariqa.

Its really thick with lots of storys, a more compleate set containing stories, Hadiths. I havent read much but when I flipped through, I can tell that reading this book would be very engaging. The stories are very interesting and the words she uses are very easy to understand.

Bro Muhsin also made me a Wardha member. Its a point system. Wardha might make me broke. hee...nolah..I just have to avoid it. Their books are all so interesting.

Im trying to post a pic of the book but dont know y today, Blogger dont allow me to post pictures.

I guess thats it.

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Anonymous said...

hehe.. so cute!
My kiddo's 1st word was also Abah.
U r lucky u heard it 1st!