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Monday, April 16, 2007

'' Aaaa Bahh ''

Not only have my baby begun crawling forward, this Little Habibi of mine also spoke his 1st word yesterday night.

Its official...His first words is Aaa Bahh !

We were at Mil's place and hubby had gone to masjid Alkaff for Isyak. SIL and me were both playing with Little Habib. He was on my lap, then he looked up at me, look in my eyes and say ''Aaa bahh '' .... It was so clear. No more vagues sounds. The words came out with his tiny voice.

I looked at him and say '' Abah ? '' : )

Then he said ''Ah bah '' again.

So I called MIL and FIL and we all say ''ABAH ABAH '' to him, hoping he would say it again, and true enough he said it again... so we explained to him that Abah go mosque.

When Hubby came home, we told him that his son has said his 1st words and hubby was estatic, that his son's official first words was ''Abah''.

Attempts to get Little Habib to say other words like Ummi, nani, Tok , Dadi , Dada were all futile.

Nah, Im not jealous...its great that Little Habib and his Abah have become great companions.

So for now, his has his 1 and only real vocab and thats ''Abah''.


Anonymous said...

hehe.. so cute!
My kiddo's first word was also Abah.
U r lucky u heard it 1st!

Ummi's BLOG said...

really ?? hee hee.... cute !

nor said...

masya allah...how wonderful !

Ihsan said...

So cute...guess he will start talking more from now on...

Anonymous said...

:D Hee~ I wish I was there to hear him! Dah besar anak Ummi..

~Ummu Nabil