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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On a more elated note, Our good friend Fin and his wife will be expecting their first baby in November this year.. Insyallah.

Im really happy for them. Fin will be a good father Im sure and Little Habib will have another play pal.

Actually, Im secretly hoping that the gender is a girl but Hubby forbits me from hoping such things...

Fin had visited little Habib when Little Habib was a new born and 'chope' Little Habib to be his son-in-law, and I found that very amusing yet wouldnt that be nice !

oops.... gleeful Ummi.. Okie Little Habib, U can make your own choice... but promise Ummi you will love me more okie..

oops again !


Anonymous said...

Ummi, I think last year and this year manyak baby boys eh? My secondary school friends pun sumer baby boys (between 5 of us, there are already 4 boys!). We keep ragging those yang belum ada anak to make some baby girls (macam boleh pilih). Alasannya nanti takde menantu (so makcik of us! LOL) and there'll be no one to wear our sec. school uniforms after us. But of course, we just joking. All children are blessed amanah from Him. Right? ;)

~Ummu Nabil

Ummi's BLOG said...

Ummu Nabil.. yes, my end pun manyak sangat boys, oklah.. its good that our babies will have many soccer mates but still there must be the cute girls to be ard to balance the crowd rite..well Im sure HE has plans.. more girls in abt 2 yrs time so its will be just nice for our boys..hehe..

yes..all children are a blessing and an amanah which we as parents must take care off...

= )