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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I wonder if the phrase ''All Good Things Must Come to an End '' is really indubitable.

The rumour which I tried to avoid came to light yesterday night when we went for Isyak prayers at Masjid Ansar. Its true. My ustaz will be leaving the mosque. **sobs**

Masjid Ansar will never be the same again for me. Habaibs will not go there anymore since Ustaz will no longer be there. For now, my ustaz will be at Masjid Abdul Razak. His ratib AL HADDAD sessions will be held for the last time this thursday at Ansar before it moves to Abdul Razak the following week.

After about 2 years plus, Yemen and the influence of Tarim will no longer be felt again at Masjid Ansar.

I had vision Little Habib to go to Ansar Kindergarten and learn from our Ustaz. Really I can only plan but Allah is the one who determins.

Anyway, hubby says everything that happens mesti ada hikmah nya. Maybe Masjid Abdul Razak really needed a stronger influence after Ustaz Ahmad Semait passed away. The legacy of the ulama's must be maintain at that holy and blessed mosque. And ustaz, a young and pious student from Tareem is a capable candidate.

Im glad that I stay in the east where Masjids and Sarabat teas are plenteous.

Still I ache that Ustaz is no longer just across the road.

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