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Friday, March 2, 2007


Salaams Bloggy Blog..
I miss u..I didn't manage to view u whole of today.. hmm.. am I addicted to U ?

I'm tired... the preso/demo went well..In fact I enjoyed it..I must get my boss to involve me in more roadshows like this. Didn't know I had the marketing skill in me being desk bound for 6 years. I met many of my clients or rather agents as they are known and it was like meeting old friends. I didn't follow my script.. of course it was jitters at first but after warming up, I just said what I knew.
The only bad thing about such events is I had to shake hands with men obviously who are not my Mahram ( about 3men today )... * sigh....* ...I tried to escape some but some I couldnt. even the Muslim men were holding out their hands to me. Many of us working muslimahs may face such problems right... Ive read in Ihsan blog that she gave her name cards to avoid shaking hands with men at such events. In the busy- ness of the moment, I didn't take my name card along... so... dosa dosa dosa me.

so here I am at the laptop blogging away. Hubby and me just finished our weekly chores of cleaning the house, washing toilets and laundry. I still need to iron a bag full of clothes this weekend.

Baby Bulat and his parents will be coming over tomorrow for the Liverpool Vs Man Utd match tomorrow nite. Big match huh for epl fans...
Hubby is a Liverpool fan and Baby Bulat's father is a Man Utd fan. Should be fun watching it on the plasma tomorrow with pizza as our munching delight.. insya'allah..looking forward to meet up with baby bulat's mum.

Im gonna get some sleep now..Will be working from 9-1pm tomorrow... Hopefully it will be a breeze in the office.

Let me leave u with a picture of little Habib Swimming.. Its his second time and ummi and abah intend it to be a regular affair. Boys must know how to swim huh ?


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