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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Nervous wreck.

Im extreamly nervous. Ive just been told ( last minute ) that I have to do a demo on our new product which is a new pricing system at our company's product seminar tomorrow.
Its going to be a grand affair at Capitol Tower auditorium. Im going nutz... Y must they tell me last minute... *stress*

Im not prepared for this at all as at present I still need to refer to my notes whenever I assist my clients over the phone. Its a totally new thing for me.
OH gosh...there is totally no confident on my part...but but but Ive got to do this to ace a promotion. Its time for me to shine ..

May Allah help me.. Got to do some dry runs now...

Oh yes.. on a happier note, Little Habib have began drinking Milk once again. Yay !!!!! I'll blog on that again later.


nor said...


hv a blessed Friday !
may everything goes smoothly at your end. Ameen.


Anonymous said...

yeah, ur presentation is on a friday...insyallah it'll go well...ameen.

- Ihsan

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you..insya'Allah you'll do well :) -id-