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Thursday, March 15, 2007

MC and Maulid

I was on 'MC' yesterday. I had to take a break. Pushing myself when my whole body was begging me to take a breather was not going to help me in the long run. If my promotion was going to be affected by this MC, I'll fight. Ive been working so hard, yet if that cant justify me being a senior here, then that is a clear sign that I cannot work here anymore which is a pity because, this place has been a part of me for 6 years already.

After resting for awhile, me and mak brought little Habib out to Toys 'R' Us to buy him some bears and toys. He loves 'talking' to his bears and is starting to be curious about everything, so its best to get him some toys to expand his imagination.

Then I went to meet my friend Ihsan, who pass me a Maulid book and CD, title '' THE GLITTERING ILLUMINATION , A MAULID EULOGY in REMEMBRANCE of the INTERCESSOR PROPHET''.
Ive been hooked to this book ever since I got hold of it. Its actually a ' bookementary ' of the maulid which was written by Habib Umar Bin Hafiz.

In the book, the writer wrote on YEMEN, Habib Umar and many aspects of maulidur rasul. Its strengthens my faith is maulids, not that I ever had any doubts in the first place. This book is amazing, a perfect collection for a maulid lover and beneficial for little Habib to read when he's older. So I'm glad its now in my home library. May Allah bless the author - Abdulkader Ali Isa Alhadad for his commentary efforts and also May Allah bless my friend for giving this book to me.

I'm rekindling my love affairs with books. yes, i love all my books, thanks to my friends around me who has influence me with their reading hobby *smilez*

Maulidur Rasul is coming nearer. It will soon be time to Qiam and say Marhaban.

' You do not need to be present in Medina at the Rawdha to offer blessings ( selawat ) and salutations ( salaams ) on the Love of Allah ( habibullah ), the light among the lights of Allah ( Nurun Min Nurillah ), Muhammad Ibn Abdillah, ( may Allah's blessings be upon him and grant him peace ). Indeed Muslims wherever they are, can send blessings and salutations on the Holy Prophet ( s.a.w ), as he has assured us that the angels shall take such blessings and salutations and present it to him. And Muslims can offer him their blessings in both prose and verse. It was said that the angels ( malaika ) will join in the chorus. '

~ The messenger of Allah ( saw ) pointed with his hands towards Yemen and said, '' True Belief is Yemenite Yonder.'' ~

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