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Sunday, March 18, 2007

His little eyes embedded in my heart...

Last Monday, there was a report in The New Paper about how a Malay garbage collector was tragically killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The man was 48 yrs old.

The saddest part was he left his 36 yr old Indonesian wife and a 1 year old son surviving without a sole bread winner. There was a picture of the small toddler hugging his mum as she cried.

As I read it, a feeling of uttered sadness came to my heart and I just bowed my head and feel a sense of regret. Why did the man have to die leaving a 1 yr old son ?

I'm sure Allah knows much more and there must be a 'hikmah' behind this, but still I feel so sad for the boy, for losing his father.

I called The New Paper and got their address. Ive never done anything like this before. This time, I just had to visit the boy. At least to hold his head and doa for him and to give what little that I can afford.

The reporter told me that he does not have any toys even. Why am I so affected ? Maybe because I am a mother and I have a baby son and I try and give my son what I can for him to always be happy, so that's why i feel so sad for this boy.

The woman and her son lives in Teban Gardens. I'm glad I got her address but gosh..its soo far away. I'm an easterner and have never really been to that part of the country before. Hubby didn't want to go as he felt that it was too far. I really thought that that was the end of my actions until Allah gave me 'ilham' to contact Ihsan. She lives in Jurong.. Maybe she can help give me directions. What luck, Ihsan knows where is Teban Gardens and wanted to go visit the family as well. ( May Allah Bless her )

We went yesterday morning. My heart just sank when I saw the condition of the flat. Its terrible. The area of the flat is old and many occupants have already vacated the place. The woman and the boy lived on the 5th floor and the flat has no lift. Me and Ihsan had to climb the stairs. Ihsan was cool about it but I was just so scared to be in such an area. I realised that Im blessed with such an easy life that I'm really so scared to be in such an area.

We finally reached their house. Its quite spacious, but quite empty. Our encounter with the family was just a brief 5 minutes. I didnt want to go in. We gave some things to the boy. His name is Muhd Sharul and he has the sweetest looking eyes.
He's so young and innocent and he has to face such harsh reality of his father's death and he only has his mother now who is not working. They are surviving on government welfare of just $300 a month. I just had to controll my tears in front of them. May they both attain Jannah in the afterlife for having to go through such sadness here in this world.

Seeing such reality of people living in hardship and yet the mother is still so strong to go with her life, makes me ashamed of how much I value material comfort. Although I can never leave my worldly possessions, I promise myself that whenever I want to splurge on something that I don't need, I will remember that boy and his mother. Its funny how Allah ( SWT ) gives us life's lessons in various ways for us to learn and be a better person along the way.

And I promise myself that I will teach Little Habib to always be thankful with what we are blessed with because many other people do not have such simple luxuries even.

And I promise myself that I will always treasure my Hubby no matter how we argue over any differences because Allah can take our life any time and when we least expect it.

After yesterday, Ihsan and me will probably never see the woman and her son again. But we doa that the boy will grow up healthily and get a good education and will be bless with a happy life with iman and taqwa together with his mother. Amin .. Amin.. Amin.


spidey said...

salam sis,

u are so very kind. may Allah bless u & ur family. my heart goes to the widower & her son. may Allah grant them strength, health & iman to go on thru their lives, amin.

Ihsan said...


Yeah, hopefully everything works out for the best...

the boy's so cute, eh? I read the TNP report yesterday...it was so sad.

Ummi's BLOG said...


to spidey
i believe that if Allah give us an opportunity to so smtg good, we shd grab it. Thks for ur doa to the family.

Ihsan.. yalor, so cute.. he has such soft eyes.

nor said...

such a noble act fm you and ihsan.
may Allah blessed your kindness..insya allah. Ameen