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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Time is treasure and sleep is a Luxury

When I told my Hubby that I have a BLOG, he laugh and said '' where do you have the time to BLOG ? '' ..........
Yes, I do admit that eversince I became a mother 6 months ago, I rarely have time for myself. Every free time I have is for looking after little Habib and doing housework. Little Habib is at the stage where he needs alot of attention. He still can't sit up without being wobbly and falling his body sideways or his body will fall forward and his little fingers will touch his toes. Like YOGA. cute !
And housework, its still the next most important thing to do in my task list, so you see, my hubby may be right.. where will I find the time to BLOG ? Afterall, sleep is already a Luxury.
Time... now I treasure time. Gone are the days where I can sleep at 10pm. Gone are the days where I can wake up early to read the quran and ratib on weekdays. Those days were more relaxed... midnite movies, late supper after syarahan.
Still, having my own baby beats all that.
Insyallah, these days will come back, Im certain. Thats when my little Habib grows bigger and can be independent.

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