I begin with - Al fateha

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My first Entry

Today, I have decided to start writing in my blog...my very own blog.
Something which I have contemplated to do in a long time. So far, for the past year, Ive only been a BLOG reader. I have many blogs in my internet favourite list, most about Islam, motherhood and baby stories.
One blog which I particularly read until today is ' light of eminence ' . I stumble on her blog while I was doing research on Naqshabandi tariqat. The Blogger is now my friend and we often share our knowledge on Habib's visits and maulids. I respect her and glad that Allah gave me her friendship.

My blog will be filled with stories of my little baby , my life as a mother, wife and a muslimah. Basically , its my way of putting the words within my heart to my blog.
My heart speaks ..........................

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