I begin with - Al fateha

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last night, I was awoken by some worries.

I checked my phone, its 4am. Somehow, It felt as if it was already 6am.
Although glad that I could it wasnt time for me to wake up for work, my heart felt heavy to think about Abang and his future.
Abang has some nasty habits. Despite counselling, talking nicely, talking angrily, beating him, he still hasnt shake off this habit.

As the worries took over my calm mind, I sat on my bed, praying, that Allah will protect my son and change him to be a better person. 

Insya'Allah......I must have faith.


The woman said...

Yes yes.. have faith.. insya allah. My son was a little wayward at the age of 12... but alhamdulillah, managed to change his ways slowly. I think kids need a lot of attention from us. Your boy is small. Instill everything... almost everything in him. Do not take kids for children.. if you know what I mean. You will be amazed at their understanding capability.

Insya allah.

Ummi's Blog said...

Thanks sis...Insya'Allah...
sometimes, scary what parents go thru to bring up kids eh...then again, we were once kids too....so they cycle goes round and round.

khadeeja said...

your blog is amazing! =)