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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Akhir Ramadhan.

The view from my bedroom window as I get up to do QiamuLail....

I have a few stories to share actually.
One is.... my encounter with a Muslim Jin as I woke up for Sahur, and another one is.... my depressing take on whats life as a housewife really like. But I guess what I want to remember most when I re read my blog is how I spend 2009’s Ramadan.

Days have passed, like it or not, Ramadhan is leaving us. With much sadness, I can feel the clock ticking and no matter how hard I wish that this blessed month will never end, it has to go.... to make way for Shawal and Eid celebrations.

Emotionally, I am at peace.

I love this month so much and Alhamdullilah, I have put in some effort to dream of attaining a splash of Lailatul Qadr. Some Ulama’ says that if Ramadhan has 29 days, than the night of Lailatul Qadr befalls on the 27th night. Insya’Allah this year, I do what I can to search for it.

Every Thursday night, I go for Terawih Prayers at our favourite mosque – Masjid Abdul Razak. I don’t get to do full 20 rakaats since Adik is crawling around me, but alhamdullilah, I get Isyak + 4 or 6 rakaats of Terawih and that is good enough. I soaked myself in the blessings and that was my main intention of tagging along with the hubby

I love doing the Ramadhan zikr and I love making doa in this blessed month. When hubby is away at the mosque for Terawih prayers, I put the kids to sleep, do some chores, eat abit and than I sit at my sejadah to read some verse of the quran and than I read Ratib Al Haddad. After that I make doa, and sleep around 11 plus. In the wee hours of the morning, I get up at 4.30 am, eat sahur, and than with 2 mugs of plain water, I sit on the sejadah again to zikr n doa till its Subuh. This has been my routine and despite not having time during the day for any long prayers, I am glad there is still time to be close to Allah (swt).

Our Eid preparation this year have been simple. Alhamdullilah, it has never been such moderate like this and it has made me feel what some groups of people feel.

This year, we got baju kurungs for the kids and for hubby. I’ll use the many that I have in my closet. We got matching Jubah Oman for hubby and Little Habib. 1 carpet for the coffee table, 3 Pyrex jars for the crackers and that’s its. Simple.
I feel touched that my mum and sis have sponsored clothes and shoes for my kids. I’ll add them to the list of people who must receive gifts from me once I get a job. Insya’Allah.

The blessings of Ramadhan…its lovely when you can feel it. Masyaallah
its sad and wasteful when you cant.
Barikilla humma lana fi syahri Ramadhan!

Happy Fasting….


nor said...

salaam sis,

encounter with jin muslim ?? tis is interesting ...pls share .

Anonymous said...

Salaam sis,

Sometimes the simplest preparation for eid is truly the best. Like you my prepration is much scaled down as compared to previous years, no new clothes for me only for the kids. We concentrate more on Ramadan and are very sad it's ending soon....

the woman said...

Salams Ummi,

Masya allah.. I like this post. Sounds simple yet special.. just like Ramadhan. :)

Eid mubarak in advance.

Ummi's Blog said...


Sis Nor: hee ...yeah it seems that i can see it around my house almost daily now....must be the penunggu. I'll try and blog abt it 1 of these days. Insya'allah.

Anonymous:yes, alas, preparing for the kids is more impt than ourseleves at times like this.

The woman: Eid Mubarak to u too. May Allah bless you always.