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Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend smiles... : )

Alhamdullilah, yet another weekend have passed us..

We had some good memories over this one... some pics I took using my E71.

At Masjid Abdul Razak on Sat night. Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal reading Maulid Dhiyaul Lami' which was written by his teacher, Al Habib Umar Bin Hafiz. The group used drums....It was Spectacular!!!!! Encore Encore! Tak Puas ah.....

Alhamdullilah, Mak, Hubby, the kids and Me managed to attend. Little Habib was singing along to the selawats and Marhaban. Little Adik was calm and quiet, just listening maybe. Mak was Happy. Hubby was with another Habib. Me..lets just say Heaven on Earth!

Making Little Habib's favourite drink. Ribena mix with Creame Soda with a slice of Lemon. Its called Fizzy Lemon Ribena inspired by Tang Tea House.

Snacks while chilling at our own house. Chixcheese Popiah from Ain, 'Ramly' Fish Nuggets and 'Tesco' Hotdogs.

Adik in Super Black Thights! Sexy.... hee hee...
Azirah ( Dr Aziz's youngest Daughter ), holding Adik at the masjid. She's one intelligent gal I tell ya. She does not want to be a gynea like her dad cos she does not want to see blood everyday so she tells me.

Sis Nazatul Fazlin holding Adik. We girls meet at the mosque every Thurs and Fri nights... We chill at the back when Little Habib's not in the naughty mode.

I saw this ad at the Bus stop....We then decided to bring the kids hang loose at the beach on a nice Sunday Morning.

Abah holding on to the kids while taking baby steps at the beach. Little Habib seems to got over his fear of the water. Next week, we're going on a picnic with mats and food and towels and extra clothes. Insya'allah. Wanna join us? Call me K : )


Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah!! I was THERE at the Maulid!! If only I knew you were there too... I cried hard listening to Ustaz TM's syarahan...

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Kak Rina,

Oh u were there...ahhh wish I knew then I cud have hugged u!! : ) takpelah, still happy both our souls were at that blessed gathering. The Maulid was very nice rite....yeah thats my ustaz lah..heheh.