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Friday, May 22, 2009



'how can someone's laughter bring me to tears' <>

I am thankful to Allah (swt) that that I have $5.00 to buy a chicken set meal. I must remain thankful for my Rizk even if I do not have the means to splurge on branded things all the time. I shall admire those bags, but I shall never put them in my heart. Never.

"Therefore remember Me, I will remember you,And be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me." The Noble Qur'aan [2:152]

I must remain thankful and I must not have that "if Only" syndrome because that is the opening for the Devil to start messing with my Iman.


Sorter n Co. said...

I like this post Ummi...a reminder for our daily lives..to be thankful come what may...happy weekends with family Ummi..*hugs*

Hajar said...

You're tagged! ^^


Ummi's Blog said...


Kak Sri: Insya'allah may we be thankful slaves...*huggies*

Hajar: Done..wuhoo!