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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Alhamdullilah, it has been a good weekend.

Mum and sis had slept over and Little Habib was super happy to receive visitors in his room and share his bed with his favourite aunt and Dadi.

We cooked breakfast together, I made fish and cheese sandwich with fries. Then,we had a hearty lunch of Nasi Padang at Sabar Menanti ( opposite Pariaman ); thanks hubby for the treat.

However, sad news came when we found out that hubby's good friend has passed away as he was involved in an early morning accident while finding rizk for his family. We were truly sadden by this news as this was truly unexpected. I was loss for words and hubby was clearly shaken. May Allah (swt) bless his soul with rahmat and forgive his wrongdoings. He was a good man, one of the “Abdul Razak” cliques, hard working and cared alot for his family.

Hubby reminded me that when a person pass away, try to talk about his/her good attributes as this will give him/her ease in the grave.

So after lunch, we picked up sis air tickets at Muhibbah Travels, rushed home and hubby went to melawat. It turns out, he and his friends also accompanied the jenazah to the grave site where solat jenazah was done and stayed throughout the burial.

Alhamdullilah, hubby reached home after Asar, got changed and rushed off for the Haul at Masjid Khalid.

Hubby reached home after he had a hearty dinner of Briyani Dam ( standard if at Masjid Khalid ), and he shared with me some of the gems he heard from the Habaibs. I cant write them down here as I wasnt the one listening directly, but just was few pointers to remember.

1 . Don’t stop making Doa. Its either Allah (swt) grant your doa straight away, or replace it with Kafarrah or Allah (swt) will grant it in your after life.

2. Its important to have good friends. 1 of the questions in the grave is “ who are your friends?” and a person with no good friends will not be able to answer this question.

Till then, I leave you with some photos. Hubby is so lucky to get to kiss the hands of these Ulama’s and get their doa. Alhamdullilah, may it brings great effects to his life. Amiin.

Habib Abdullah Hussein AlMashhur Sheikh Khalil Moore

Habib Munzir Fuad Almusawwa

Ustaz Hassan Saifouridzal and his very good sahabat Habib Munzir Fuad Almusawwa.

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