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Monday, July 14, 2008

Beginning to prepare...

16 weeks, 6 days -- Fetal sonogram image from a pregnany site that I surfed.
Been feeling butterflies in my tummy... movements...fluttering... thats early... For my 1st Pregnancy, I felt movements starting at 20 weeks.
Are you tickling Ummi with your tiny little fingers baby ? ; )

Today marks a new resolution. I will try my best to eat only healthy food. Unlike my first pregnancy where I was very health cautious, and I cringe whenever I see a pregnant lady drink COKE, this time round, Im being the irresponsible Ummi whose snacking on chips, drinking gassy drinks and taking in preserved mangoes.
My boss's secretary who is a health freak, keeps sending me MSN messages to stop snacking when she sees me crunching on sour cream chips. She kept telling me to think of the baby. Ok, I realised, Ive gone overboard with the "I crave for junk food excuse" and its time I start thinking of the little one inside me. What was I thinking right...?
Hence this morning, Im having carrot juice, tuna toast and dates. For lunch, I will have Yong Tau Fu soup with lots of veggies. Insya'allah..I will try for baby's sake...although it seems abit late.

Im also concern if the food I eat will cause baby to get Jaundice... Little Habib was a tinge of Yellow especially at the white of his eyes, but with sunning in the morning, it disappeared after a few days. I love carrots, tomatoes , curry , chocolates.... will these food cause Jaundice? hmmm....Better read up on it.

By the way, I welcome second hand baby stuff which are in good condition. Mittens, Booties, baby wipes , rattles, new born clothes, breast pads etc . Not that Im "sengkek" to buy them which I will, but why waste something which is still good right, and Im not so particular as long as its still clean and can be re-use kan.
Hubby and me have been trying to 'prepare' our son for another sibling. We tell him that there is a baby in my tummy and the baby is his adik. He will point to my tummy when you tell him "where is adik?" but if you ask him "nak adik tak?" he will shake his head... entah if he understands or not. Yesterday, we brought him to ESH to visit our relative who just gave birth. When Little Habib was asked to kiss baby Sarah, he made the 'scared' gesture. He was scared of the baby! Timid boy lah he.

Its a Monday... busy week cos insya'allah, Im planning a small doa selamat for my son this weekend. Wish I can invite all my friends but I cant cos Im holding it at my place and I dont have manpower to help clean up and me being preggy will slow down my cleaning speed. So I guess, its just close family for now. Hope the majlis goes well and Little Habib will not be cranky as he is the star of the show.
p/s, what is Twitter anyway? I noticed I have 2 followers. Will my followers received sms on their mobile on what I post on Twitter? If like that, I better not sms anything uninteresting kan... lets see if I can get use to twittering. hee..


sriberry said...

So cute lil Habib:)insya'Allah,he'll be such a doting brother to lil sibling...involve him when caring the baby,simple task like getting the diapers or help with the booties n mittens..cute kan..
eat healthy n snack in moderation Ummi..no harm snacking but those snacks wic are high in preservatives..kalau boleh jangan lah k..masa ksri,i didnt dare drink tea coffee or coke..things caffeine..but I was a junkie for chips keropok n such:))

Ummi's BLOG said...

yar eh kak..good idea..insya'allah by the time i give birth, he will be abt 2.5yrs old, so can understand if i tell him to take diapers or play with baby.
wah kak, u quite strict abt yr diet too eh, i still curi curi drink nescafe when mengidam. hee.

Anonymous said...

warr dis entry buat kak dewi teringat masa preggie dulu..dulu2 masa ngandung i is so hepi u noe..selagi selagan ku sebat.hehe
tak pantang plak tu..suka sangat2 ngandong tau coz tu la masanya orang nak cakap gemok ke aper ke tak kesah bab ngandong..ekkekek..
sampaikan naik membulat macam lembu..heheheh

btw, my 1st son was only 1yr 3mth when the 2nd keluar =)

kak dewi

Ummi's BLOG said...

hee hee...you very onz lah kak, kalau ikut hati, semua pun ummi nak makan tapi bila ingat takut baby jaundice lah, baby hyperactive lah, terpaksa tahan tekak....
nak ikutkan ummi pun dah bulat ni, langsung takde pinggang..

wah 1yr3mths then adik keluar..must be tough eh jaga 2 small kids who needs contant attention.. guess Mr Mudpie kena play a role too lah kan.. : )

Mrs Beki said...

Lil' habib will get use to the baby, don't worry. And he will a good brother to his lil' sibling, InsyaAllah.... ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Insya'allah kak rina, hopefully my boy will sayang and be protective against his adik. I suka kalau tengok siblings yang can get along....

ukhti27 said...

BismiLlah wal HamduliLlah.
As-Salamu`alaikum wa RahmatuLlah ya Habibati...

Masya`ALLAH TabarakALLAH kerna pada pandangan ana yang dhoif ini, jari telunjuk bayi mu dalam keadaan seperti itu adalah sebagai tanda dia mentauhidkan ALLAH :)

Selain memperbanyakkan membaca ayat-ayat suci al-Quranul Kareem, selawat, doa, dzikr dll ana sertakan disini insya`ALLAH, sedutan dari nasihat Habibana Munzir Almusawa hafizahuLlah, yang beliau berikan kepada salah seorang saudara kita di forum Majelis RasuluLlah ShalALLAHu`alaihiwasalam.

- "Qiyas yg mengatakan suami membaca surat yusuf adalah bila kalau anak nya laki-laki semoga ganteng dan arif spt Nabi yusuf as, dan istri membaca surat maryam agar kalau anak nya wanita maka akan menjadi wanita luhur seperti Maryam as, namun saya sih lebih senang suami istri kalau mau membaca surat khusus saat menanti kelahiran keturunan nya, saya lebih senang suami dan istri membaca surat Muhammad saw..., tentunya bila lahir semoga selalu dilimpahi kemuliaan Nabi Muhammad saw."

Dan semoga Kelembutan TakdirNYA dan KeindahanNYA Subhana wa Ta`ala semoga senantiasa menghiasi hari-hari anti berserta keluarga dengan kesejahteraan. ALLAHumma amiin.

Fi amaniLlah wALLAHu a`lam bisawab.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Kepada Ukhti27,

Insya'allah, ana yang dhoif ini akan memperbayankan baca surah Maryam dan Surah Muhammad... : )

Jazakillah khairan atas nasihat ukhti, semoga ukhti senentiasa didalam rahmat Illahi.


Anonymous said...

Ummi Dear,
How r u? Hope u can still remember me...its been awhile.(we met at idah's daughter's b'day party)
Anyway, congrats! May this child add more happiness and goodness into ur already perfect family;)Amin.