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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Milk...Milk ... Milk.....

Yesterday, I did something new and it seemed to work. Not magically, but at least, some help.

I added about 20 ml of fresh milk into the bottle with 2 scoops of Little Habib's Powdered Milk, made the milk in his bottle and let him drink it from a straw instead. I managed to get him to sip a few times and ended up, he drank 120ml. ( alhamdullilah, no matter what the amount is )

You know, its been like this all this while...., my son really dislike milk. He loves Ribena, and he loves yogurt drinks, but I'm sad to say, that he dislikes Milk.... Y sayang ?? Milk is good for your growth....

I noticed, Little Habib seems to be quite small in size, he still can fit his 6-12 months teeshirt and shorts. Most of his peers too are bigger than him. ( tapi cant blame lah cos mak bapak dia sediri small size kan.. )

Each night, when we reach home, we take our bath, clean ourselves up, change his pampers, get him ready for bed, take out his books, and then I will be trying to distract him into sipping his milk.

Sometimes I carry him in my arms, we both look out of our bedroom window, and since he loves to watch the buses drive by, I will tell him, " Quick, the buses are here, drink drink drink," and he will quickly sip his milk from the straw. When he gets tired of this trick, I will change my tactics, and try other ways to negotiate with him again...

Sometimes I make a big harsh voice and say " This is Allah...Allah says you must drink milk, Allah loves you if you drink milk" ... and then he quickly drinks abit. Sometimes, it doesn't work, and he ends up crying cause he thinks Allah don't love him... so it backfires.

Yesterday, I noticed that he does understand abit of what I'm saying. I told him " you want to sleep ? and he shook his head. So I said " Ok, dont want to sleep means you have to drink abit" , then he sips again....

All that negotiations sometimes really test my patience. Hubby doesn't see it, cos he's in the living room. He cant be in the bedroom, cos Little Habib is just so manja with his Abah and it will never work.

You know, sometimes I feel like crying, each sips he takes, I thank Allah (swt), each time he refuse, I pray to Allah (swt) to let him take another sip. Its like, I'm in constant communication with Allah (swt) every time its milk time. Cos I know, no one can help except Ya Rahman Ya Rahim ... ya Rabb.

Milk woes is truly a test for me. But I never want to give up, cos he is My son, and he is Amanah from GOD and no matter what, motherhood is still a beautiful and enriching experience... I'm sure every mother will agree.


Adikbongsu said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,

Ummi, read your post and not to worry, I got nephews who are small in sizes when they are young but after the age of 7, all of them grew up fine :)

Important it that ur lil son is healthy and active. Even if he does not like milk as long as he eats other food that can provide calcium for him that will do.

btw thank you for dropping by my virtual home :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Wa'alaikumsalam wr.wb,

yes, i chance upon yr virtual home..hop hop.

Yes, I do hope so that his size will shoot up one day cos he's a boy u see.

Alhamdullilah, can see he is active and smart, and im trying to give him minyak ikan to for brain power and to boost his appetite.

: )

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi,

You have been trying hard to get lil habib drinks as much milk as possible. Worry not, sis. What I have penned down are based on my experience. Who knows you may come up with better solutions and it is a challenge overcoming each phase of milk feeding.

Let us not say that breastfeeding has it disadvantages. In fact I think it is a process where mothers learn to be mothers and getting to know our children through the time spent with our children to build that special bond.

Alhamdulillah, after having 2 kids, I can see that bond between myself and my kids although they are still very young. Yet to know how this bond will develop as they grow. Even Zauji at times may be jealous and envy witnessing the amazing bond that Mukhtaar and Zainah with me.

Take care, take every step as a learning motherhood experience.

Ummu Mukhtaar

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Ummu Mukhtaar,

Thanks for your encouraging words, u are certainly a role model for fellow ummis to emulate.

Sometimes I wonder where did I go wrong ? was it breastfeeding ?
If really it was, Im sure breastfeeding wont be encouraged in Islam.....
Im trying to remain positive...

Since Little Habib loves choco milk or at least he drinks it fast, then I will add in scoops of his formula milk into his chocomilk with hot water...

I do hope he dont sense the difference ! I cant wait for the time he knows how to "negotiate", at least, I can say, if want toys, must drink 1 cup of milk first..hehe....senang kan..bribe them....

Motherhood is wonderful albeit stressful.