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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ummati, Ummati , Ummati @ Masjid Aleem Siddique

Alhamdullilah, I managed to attend some of Habib Umar Bin Hafiz lectures. Here are some notes which I have shortened and summarise. May Allah ( swt ) forgive me if I had written anything wrongly and may he bless us all in our efforts to spread good words to the Ummah.

Habib Umar said :

We must realize that we are the best of umat not because we chose to be or we asked to be. This is a blessing by Allah ( swt ). So we must be thankful by strengthening our ties with Rasullulah ( saw ).

Out of the 120 lines in syurga, 80 is from Umat Nabi Muhammad ( saw ) and 40 lines are from umats from the other prophets. The Malaikats will be puzzel if they see Umat Rasullulah ( saw ) enter Neraka because we have many opportunities to do good to go into heavens.

In akhirat, there will be some Nabi with 1 follower, some with a few followers and Allah ( swt ) said that Nabi Muhammad ( saw ) will have 70’000 followers entering Jannah tanpa hisab.
When Nabi Muhammad ( saw ) asked Allah ( swt ) to increase this number, Allah ( swt ) agreed and said every one of the 70’000 umat can bring another 70’0000 umat with them to Jannah tanpa hisab. And Allah ( swt ) will pick himself another 3Xs that amount of Umat Rasullulah ( saw ) to entre Jannah without any trials.

( meaning my fellow readers, isn’t it good to be close to people who are alim and pious ? Maybe they will pick us to entre Jannah with them when the times comes….. Insya’allah … )

Every night, Rasullulah ( saw ) will make Do’a for his Ummats to be forgiven of our sins. He thinks of us everyday. In times of happy, sad , during Israk Mikraj and even on his Deathbed. Even in his maqam, Rasullulah ( saw ) is thinking of us.

Rasullulah ( saw ) said to his sahabats, “ even when Im dead, I will pray for good things for you and if you have bad deeds, I will pray that you are forgiven. “

One day, Rasullulah ( saw ) was praying Tahajjud, and he cried and cried. Allah ( swt ) sends Jibrail a.s down to ask Rasullulah ( saw ) why he was crying ? ( when Allah ( swt ) knows best ) ….

Rasullah ( saw ) said, he is crying because he is thinking of his Ummat. Jibrail a.s went up and told Allah ( swt ) , and Allah ( swt ) said, I will treat his Ummat until Rasullulah ( saw ) is redha with it. When Rasullulah ( saw ) heard this from malaikar Jibrail a.s, he smile and became happy.

All Prophets loves their ummats but Rasullah (saw) loves his ummats the most as he is the human who possesed the most love.
He asked for his ummat to not be azab secare seluruhnya. He also ask Allah ( saw ) to not let his Ummats fight amongst one another.

But Allah ( swt ) said that fighting is qadhak and qadhar and it will happen. So we must avoid fighting with one another because Rasullulah ( sawt ) do not want that amongst his Ummats.

In the day of judgement, Rasullulah makes 3 longs sujuds in front of Allah ( swt ) and each time Allah ( swt ) ask him to rise, Rasullulah ( saw ) said “ Ummati, Ummati , Ummati “. Allah ( swt ) then tells Malaikat Malik a.s to release ummat Rasullulah ( saw ) from the hell fires.

Rasullulah ( saw ) is the first person who will cross the siratul Mustaqim. Followed by the other prophets. Then us, Ummat Rasullulah ( saw ) , and than Ummats from other prophets.

How do we thank Allah ( swt ) for being ummats of Rasullulah ( saw ) ?
Habib Ummar said, we must follow the Sunnah of our Prophet and we must teach our wives and kids the Sunnah.

While crossing the Jembrat Siratul Mustaqim, there will be a light which is extraordinary and shines brightly. The ummats from other prophets ask what light is that?

It is actually the light of the Ummat Rasullulah ( saw ) , as the light is the blessings that the possess as Ummat Rasullulah ( saw ) .

Rasullulah ( saw ) has done a lot of good things for us. We must make Rasullulah ( saw ) happy by being people with Iman. Habib Umar said that we must work to the maximum to make Rasullulah ( saw ) happy by amalkan Sunnah in our homes.

Rasullulah ( saw ) will be sad if we do maksiat. Rasullulah ( saw ) sujud at home and at the mosque and remember us. How can we return his love for us by doing bad ?

Habib Umar reminded us that tomorrow was Thursday. It is the day when our report cards are being raise to Allah ( saw ). Rasullulah ( saw ) will see our report cards and he will cry if we do bad things. Don’t make Rasullulah ( saw ) cry and sad. We must do good for him to be happy.

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Thank you for the notes. Its very useful for me. MAy Allah bless you,your families always. Ameen ;)