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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

" There is a way to be good again...."

I simply love this tagline...from the movie...

There is always a way to be good again.

Allah ( swt ) is most compassionate, most Merciful. Yes, Ive watched the movie. And truth be told, I am still affected by the gory and sadness. The book was sad enough, watching the scenes made it worse. I cried like 3/4 of the movie. I just love little Hassan angelic face. I dont want to talk about it really . Lost in a malancholic Lalang. But Im still choked with this feelings.

Hubby said "its only Wayang" although he admit, it was a good story.

"Nay hubby Jan, Its not only wayang " I muttered...

Its depicts reality.. miles and miles away from our safe and comfy homeland, there lies orphans taken away being made into sex slaves and boys getting sodomised by men claiming they follow shariah. Its makes me glad Im living in this country.

Read the book, then watch the movie. If you're strong enough. As for me, Im not at all strong, Although I believe that Allah (swt) knows best.
I am worried how the kafirins who watch the movie might think of Islam. On one hand, the men are stoning aduterers, on the othe hand, they make orphans their object of desires. Islam is never cruel to orphans. Never.
I am praying ever so hard these days and Im am making supplications for the children in Afganistan and other war torn countries.
May Allah (swt) protect them and make them ahli Jannah. Ameen.


nor said...

salaam Ummi,
"for you a thousant miles........"

im so moved n remuk with this :(

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Sista Nor,

I love this phraise too..!!

Isnt Hassan just an angel ??

I just said it to little habib this morning.." for you a thousand miles..."

If only he understood.. : )

ummu nabil said...

Hmm.. Interesting :)

And how very ironic that Muslims (men, women and children, orphaned or otherwise) can find security and relative peace in certain countries governed by non-Muslims. Tadaaaa! Wow!


ummu nabil said...

Oh, in case anyone thought I was dissing my own religion... For the record, I am not.

I'm dissing injustice, cruelty, hypocrisy and anyone who warps anything good for their own ends.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Dear Ummu Nabil...

True indeed.. I hate the hypocrisy that the book potrays.... I hate it .. I hate it....

and here I thought of moving elsewhere... May GOD keep our country safe and war free. Ameen.

mamafiza said...

Dearest Miss Ummi of Little Habib,

Thank you so much for your support ;)

FYI, I had tried to find any Arabic letter flash card (Jawi) from Malaysia & overseas, but I could not find the one with laminated cards version.

I end up with Malaysian made card by Kiddibird Sdn Bhd (http://www.kiddibird.com), contains 32 cards.

I bought at PKNS Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia's bookstore, the price below MYR 10.

Wish you luck! ;)

Plase send my hugs n kisses to ur lil toddler *cuddles*

Ummi's BLOG said...

Dearest Mamafiza,


Keep up your good work. Masya'allah, I am learning alot from you.

Thanks for the website..will surf later and see if I can find anything..

Huggies to your 3 little smarties too.