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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Abu Mukhtaar and Ihsan has written down most of the lecture notes from Habib Umar's visit in their blogs. Do take a look and read if you have the time. I must remind myself to read to refresh what I've heard. May Allah (swt) bless them for their efforts.

Tareem is still in my blood. I keep thinking about it although I've never been there. The thing is, my ustaz was a student there, so he told me and hubby many stories of the ulama'a there and how life is over there. So thats why, Im feeling this way.

Hababah Nur left a deep impression on me.. even when I was in her presence for just a few hours. Maybe because its the first time I met a Hababah.

If Im her student, I'd most probably burn the midnight oil studying cos Im scared of her. She seems very disiplin when she gave the ceramah but Im very sure she is a loving person outside of her classes. Too bad, I have no pictures of her as pictures of her and recording her voice is strictly not allowed. I understand why.

She advised the woman in the gathering to emulate Saidatina Fatimahtul Zahara. Really something I have to keep remembering so that I wont go astray. Insya'allah...

Ummu Mukhtaar was right when she tells me that Habib Umar came here with a mission. It was for us to remember akhirat. Something which we often forget. Habib Umar's doa at Masjid Istigfar was rather intense dont you think ? For those who understand Arab, Im sure it would have brought you to tears.

I was at Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique last night for Magrib/Isyak. Ustaz Iqbal was there for the weekly kuliah in English. Im starting to love this mosque.


Hubby sent me a cute email just now regarding Little Habib's school. Lagi lama.. tapi kita just recce around ajer... Really glad hub is taking an interest in Little Habib's school. Its best when decisions are made together kan... : )

I found out the following : regarding xxxxx kindergarten
1) Minimum age 3yrs old for playgroup i.e the child must be ready, no break purely study & play

2) Schedule: 4 times per week, off on Friday (child must go Friday prayers hehe)

3) Timing: 9am - 10.30am; 10.30am - 12pm & 3pm-4.30pm (tahajjud session 4am-6am optional hehe)

4) Fees: $120 per month (quite ex)


Ummu Nabil said...

Jazakumullah khairan to you guys who painstakingly took notes and shared! :D At least yang tak dapat pergi dapat baca!

We're vaguely casting about for pre-school options too. And goodness me, is there no pre-school with fees less than $100? *faints* Tak macam zaman kita dulu seh..

Anonymous said...

hub and i love hanis islamic at tampines st.32 . alhamdulillah we have seen a few changes in our princess and we think some of it came from the teachings and values imparted from hanis. fees $200 a month and transport about 70-90. what i like is the curriculum and add-ons. if you nak more info just email me k hehe macam promoter lak :P

Ummi's BLOG said...

Gulp.. id, mahalnyer..
guess thats the market rate now eh.. hehe..macam nak beli ikan.. ( ok out of point )

Thanks thanks for sharing. : )

Ummu Nabil,
me thinking of masukan my boy in a playgroup near my place, frankel, changi road or bedok area.. Tampines too far..maybe Nabil and Little Habib can enrol together eh..
Let me know yr progress eh.. Me will share with ya too.

The one that my hubby research on is Tuffahar readers niche at Gutrie Building.
Another one that Im looking at is Yasmin@Frankels.

Ihsan said...

Tuffahar! My nephew goes there...hehe...dun take my place punya sekolah eh...lol.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Oh your place eh.. dont think hubby would want if I told him abt "it"..... hee LoL !

nor said...

salaam Ummi,

you little darling going to skool oredi, wow! how time flies !

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Sister nor.. hmm he only 19 months now... maybe when he is 2 plus, was thinking of enrolling him in Playgroup. : )

yar how fast time flies.