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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Kite Runner...

Im currently reading The Kite Runner by Khalid Hossieni. Was introduce to this story by my sister. The story is about 2 boys, 1 a sunni and 1 a shi'a born in Afganistan.
Im at the part where Ali and Hassan decides to leave Baba and Amir. It pains me what Hassan goes through. I feel like shouting when i read the sodomy part. He's only a boy !!
Its really a book that just sucks me in deeper and deeper in the Kabul surroundings and Im really angry with Amir at this moment.

Is it going to be a happy ending for Hassan ? Well I really have to read on to know. The author is a brilliant writer who can capture the attention with such well written literature and the way he describes the surroundings of Afganistan is just amazing.

I went all the way to Orchard Cineleisure to get tkts for the night show with my sister but it was sold out. Ish..geramnya... Didnt think that such a movie will pull a strong crowd when Johnny Depp was playing too. Of all movies, The Kite Runner had to be sold out.... Well, I'll try again this Sunday perhaps with hubby.

Little Habib sitting at aunty Mas study table. He's turning 19 months soon.
He babbles alot now.. BABA / DADA / AI AI / ALOH ALOH ALOH.. ( means he is zikiring Allah Allah Allah ).. and he gets so excited when he see a bus now.. he will say BAA BAA BAA... means Bus Bus Bus !


nor said...

sorry sis, for the late sms reply...so, u got to watch the movie...i thot it was great,eventhou somthing in the book was kinda missing...btw, i love Hassan , the boy is just adorable. ! oh, did u cry?

nor said...

oooops,i re read yr entry again...u watching this Sunday ? better pre-book early...the show times, are mostly sold out!

Ummi's BLOG said...
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Ummi's BLOG said...

Sis, alamak, sold out ah.. apa dah..
ok will pre book for a sunday show then.. I cant wait ! hhee

for sure i will cry..baca buka dah nangis, apa tah watching the movie kan..hehe...