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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Habib Goes Green

Hey you little green boy... why have you grown so fast ?

Ummi missed the times when you were just a baby... Now, you've even began to run.

Tomorrow you will turn 17 Months. You've grown to love reading and every night, before you sleep, you want Ummi to read your story books to you. Even when Ummi is done with the whole book, you want Ummi to read it again. Sometimes Ummi have no choice but to just shut the lights off cos Ummi is tired and have to work the next day ...

Tomorrow, we will be doing your aqiqah for the 2nd year running. Its the end of the 2 sheeps that we have to aqiqah for you. Ummi remember you were curious and you touched your sheep last year. I wonder how you will re-act tomorrow. You most probably will be hitting the sheeps like how you hit the 'Joyah' the cat.

Little Green boy, dont grow up too soon. Ummi will miss your babbles and antiques. Ummi will miss your manja-ness and your naughty-ness. Most of all, Ummi will miss you sleeping in between Abah and me on our bed. Ummi will smell your head till ummi doze off.

Abah says he cant wait for you to ask for prata and teh-tarik. He wants you to follow him for his supper at the sarabat shop. Ummi am sure, the time will come soon.

For now, little green boy, dont grow up too soon.

As our fellow muslims brother, sisters , father , mothers, wukuf at Arafa, I wish all of you , Eid Mubarak ........................

* Note : the sky will open tonight after magrib till Subuh as will some say the gates of heaven. 1 of the 5 nights that any good doa will be makbul. Insyallah.. So lets Qiamullail....


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