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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gymboree.. Another first!

My Little Toddler had his "trial" class at Gymboree yesterday.....

Lately, its seems that Little Habib can understand some instructions like "Put up your hands" or " Do it again", so my dad suggested that I start putting him in some class that allows him to interact with other kids as well as learn some things.

Since Auni is in gymboree, and she seems very sociable, hubby and me decided that we try this class with Little Habib. Its more of a play class rather than learning ABCs.

Some observation :
1. I noticed that he didnt want to mix with other kids and would rather explore the place on his own.

2. Other kids were doing the activities smiling and laughing yet Little Habib just had a serious face with him when the teacher was interacting with him. This is a huge difference when compared to him playing at home with a huge smile on his face.

3. He loved playing with the bubbles and ignored what the teacher was saying after that, as he just continued to play with the bubbles until all of it was gone.

4. He listened more to my instructions rather than the teacher's instructions.

5. He liked playing with the slides, tunnel etc.

6. The only thing that he was able to follow right without us assisting him was giving HIGH 5 ! to one of the mothers there.

I guess, since Im a member now, I'll try and make use of the kids gym to get Little Habib to be more active in his thinking skills. It would also be an improvement if Little Habib can progress on to mixing with other toddlers in a sociable manner.


RedHerring said...

Bestnyer! Auntie pon nak main slide-slide & tunnel-tunnel! (Deprived childhood or what?? LOL)

It'll give toddlers a chance to work off the excess energy. Hehe..

Ihsan said...

Glad you are back!

Maybe Little Habib is careful about choosing his friends...that's good. Hope you are better now. Stomach flu is a terrible thing.

Ummi's BLOG said...

LOL.. yati, u v funny lah..

Yar, im better pal, taking lunch more seriously now..hee

Anonymous said...

hi darling glad that you are back.. anyway how is lttle habib enjoying his gymboree? did you sign up for the package? dun worry about his achievements or what he can do.. dulu pun i gitu ngan auni tapi i learnt that the best thing to do is to just let go and have fun with her. Frankly, all that ou mentioned aboutlitle habib was the same with auni at first but then everything became better alhamdulillah and she learnt to enjo and listen to the instructions later..so dun weri k dear :) anyway now han pun oin on sundays ..


Ummi's BLOG said...

Hi Id ~ my boy is now a member at gymboree but ive not officially enroll for the 8 lesson class yet. I might lah and will choose the 10.30/sun morning class...sat aft, yasir macam ngantok..hee....

Anonymous said...

just to let you know kalau u nak enroll for the 8 lessons nya must do so before 31st dec cos next year they only accept 12 lessons booking.. sun at 10.30am? thats just before han's class ;)