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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Habib does the Rukuk...

Little Habib and his favourite bear "pooh".... Pooh's a walking and talking bear. he's trying to dig out pooh's eyes. He loves pooh, always giving pooh a hug, but sometimes he hits pooh than look at me.. hmmm.... nak attention lah tu....

Little Habib, u surprised us yesterday.

After Iftar while we were chatting relaxedly, u entertained us with yr cute little quirks and antiques.

Yesterday, u slowly takbir quietly and rukuk (For the 1st time), and we were all shocked and happy u did that. Seems that youve been watching us solat and captured that in yr brain cells to be able to imitate that act. Dadi, aunty Mas and Ummi clapped our hands and cheered at you !!!

Quietly, Ummi is so proud of u sayang. Im always proud when you show me new things that youve picked up especially when its something towards Islamic gestures like the time you learn to put up your hands when you hear " ALLAH HU AKBAR ".... your friend baby Bulat, can do that very well too. : )

I guess any Ummi would be proud if their little Bub can imitate solah.
Too bad, Ummi cant get a pic of you doing the rukuk, cos you do it really fast.

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