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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Blessed Ramadhan @ Masjid Aleem Siddique

Picture of Shaykh Nazeem AlHaqaani - the grand Shaykh of the Naqshabandi Order. He has come to Singapore before, but I have never met him. That was way before I was even interested in Sufism.

Pictures of Shaykh Hisham meeting the Jemaah after the ceramah @ Masjid Aleem Siddique.

Hubby and me were at Masjid Aleem Siddique on Wed night to see Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and to hear his sermon on " Glimpses of Light - The Blessed Ramadhan ".
Shaykh Hisham Kabanni is one of the Sufi Master of the Naqshabandi AlHaqqani Order. He hails from Cyprus ( I think ) and is now head of the Muslim Religious Council in America.

The last time he visited, I felt he looked younger. Now at 62 years old, he looks slightly tired to me. A man of wise knowledge, he said he saw nothing but light on the night of Lailatul Qadar. If you see the light and make Du'a at that time, your Du'a will never be rejected.

The mosque was filled by the time I arrived, the jemaah were reading Maulid Diba'ie. I managed to sit inside next to Ummu Mukhtaar. and I saw the same faces in the crowd, Anisah and Ihsan and her sister.
I feel that you can still be in such gathering even if you are not from the Tariqat.
What we want from being in such majlis is the blessings and the Ilmu. After all, Shaykh Hisham never force the crowd to be Naqshabandis. I remember even when the crowd zikir the Naqshabandi zikir, Shaykh Hisham will tell the crowd to focus on their own shaykh and those without a shaykh like me, focus on Rasullulah (s.a.w) while reciting the zikir.

Shaykh Hisham said that current situation in the gulf, During Ramadhan, countries like Egypt, Bahrain , Dubai, during Ramadhan, there will be many TV series and Movies shown on TV so many people are glued to the TV. Some group of people would go to the streets with their family, shopping till they eat Sahur, then go home and sleep.
Youngsters dating one another going to the movie theaters.
He asked is this Ramadhan ? What kind of Rahmat do they receive ?

Muslims must strive to be Better than Yesterday. Saiyidina Omar (r.a) said that if his Today isnt better than Yesterday, its better he goes underground. ( meaning being buried ).

Shaykh Hisham said Ramadhan is the month that Al Quran was revealed to our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Its is the month of Guidance. Allah is guiding his servants through the Quran. What makes Ramadhan holy ? Its is not the fasting but the Quran.
Quran teaches you Iman. O' Mukmins, fear Allah. Be sincere and Righteous. Who are the people who are Righteous ? It is the people who understands Quran. Quran is not a story. It has hidden meanings.
Ramadhan is the month of blessing. Allah gives us a table of food to feast on. Allah gives us his Mercy. Ramadhan is the month of the Ummah. The days of Ramadhan is when Allah (s.w.t) menifest his blessings.

But sadly Shaykh Hisham says WE ( the ummah ) is not feeling it. We are not seeing it.

Allah (s.w.t ) calls himself KARIM. If we ask Allah with an open heart, you think he will not Give ? Allah (s.w.t) says Im giving it to you. Ask me and I will Give it to you.
The 2nd part of the 10 days is for Mamfirah ( Forgiveness )

The last 10 days if to Free from Hell fire. Thats what we should all ask for. Allah (s.w.t) says take it. I am giving it to you. What must we do to get all this ? We must FAST. Fasting from what Allah (s.w.t) dont like.

It is no problem to be a sincere and pious person. Allah (s.w.t) will give you the power if your intentions are good. Shaykh said that many pious people have become new born babies during Ramadhan because Allah (s.w.t) have forgive them from their sins as if they were just born.

Imam Bukhari (r.a ) thought in a school where there were 25'000 people and he didnt use a microphone. The next man could hear him and the next one and the next one until all the way to back could hear because Imam Bukhari's intentions were good. Allah (s.w.t) gives the power.
Lastly make alot of Selawat to our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) for our Ramadan to be accepted.


Ms Ihsan said...

That really took me by surprise - the photo of Shaykh Nazim! Shaykh Nazim is from Cyprus, Turkey. Shaykh Hisham is from Lebanon (and he has a degree in Chemistry!)

You know, if you concentrate on your connection with Rasulullah (saw), it is very much what Mudarris always tells us...he is not in tariqat either, but is like the most fiery person when he talks about Rasulullah (saw). He always say, If you read a hadith, always imagine that Rasulullah (saw) is saying that to you.

Ummi's BLOG said...

yeah.. just felt like posting shaykh Nazim's pic and letting others see abit of Naqshabandi.. hehe...

I know..its gd rite if ppl can connect with Rasullulah in a very strong way...