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Friday, July 13, 2007

The week of bitter-sweet feelings.

Alhamdullilah, Friday came and Friday went.

Don't you think that time just speeds by us these days ?
''Ya Allah, berilah aku keberkatan dalam masa ku ....''

Oh bloggy, seriously, I dont know how long more can I maintain u... I want to talk to u, I have so many feelings just kept in me...but now, with this new job, I really cant for see any time that I can steal for us to talk.

Its not like last time where i can sit at my desk and write some of my thoughts down. Things are different now, but I wont complain with u Bloggy, because these are just feelings that I can only keep in my heart, locked and share it with my creator.

This week has been quite emotionally drain for me. What is there to be so happy about when all that we read in the papers are just sad news ..
but still , Im thankful for my own life.. Lets not forget to be thankful when we read sad news..

Im sad when I read about the cute 3yr girl who was killed by her own mother in Penang. I thought even animals love their young ? so what does this makes the mother ? worse than an animal ? hmm lets leave it for GOD to judge.

Im sad when I read about the two 2year old boys who have to play and stay at the void deck with their 2 maids from morning till night just so they wont disturb their sister when she studies. ( i really cant understand this logic ..I think u cant too right ? )

Im sad when I read about the 16year old boy who killed his lover's husband. His future is very much ruined.

Im sad when I read about how our planet is in a really bad state. Global warming people... Its serious you know. Try going to Genting and not feel the cold weather and you will know what I mean.

Can we all try to waste less paper ?
Can we all try to switch off all the switches when its not in use ?
Can we all off our computers and laptops when its not in use ?
Can we all sleep with fans and not the air-con ? Ok, if you must, at least off the aircon when its already cold instead of covering yourself in blankets with the air con on still...
Can we all use plastic less ?
Can we all re-cycle ?

YES we CAN if we want to, but the sad part is most of us dont care, and the one who suffers is our Planet Earth. She is not in a good shape... Its just sad.

Ok, so Im sad, but I did smile when I saw Md Fit. He's with us already. He's just sweet. I thank Allah s.w.t once again.

I finished my 1 week course this week. It consists of 2 tests. If I fail, then it might send negative impressions to my bosses right. The 2nd test was what I thought would be tough and that I would fail.
So i open my Asma-Ul-Husna book and it says : whoever faces difficulty in his work and not able to do a task, zikir Ya Hakim ( The intelligent ) many times and Insya'allah, he will not face any problems with the work and task.

So I zikir Ya Hakim with much belief and Alhamdullilah, I feel that I can score high for both the test. Again, it boils down to praying and telling Allah s.wt that you need his guidance and help.

Bulan rejab is coming next monday.
The night of 1st rejab is malam when the doors of heaven open, so all doas will be granted !
So grab this opportunity and ask for what you want. Insyallah mustajab doa.

Dont forget to fast, gives donations and do good in the month of Allah's month, because, its has been said in many hadiths that the pahala is multiplied and alot of blessings will be given.
I read a hadith that says for those who cant fast in the month of Rejab, then donate at least a bread each day and the pahala would be like you fasted.


I saw a rainbow 3 days back at Eunos. SubahanAlllah.. I havent seen a rainbow in years...

see the rainbow ??

Okie thats it, Good night bloggy and good night friends..... If you dont hear from me these days, it means, I just cant find the time to blog.. I miss you all..!


MissyHid said...

Hello Ummi, u bring ur camera everywhere u go is it? Hehe.. u can even snap a rainbow at Eunos..haha..

Anyway, how's ur new born muhammad fit?? Doing good?? Hmm..photos of it lah please..

Ihsan said...


Don't read the papers!

Actually, it's very hard to say when a person will snap - causing them to do things a normal human will not do.

Yeah, we'd like to see pics of Muhd FIT. Is he red?

nor said...

salaam sis,
so glad to meet u, very the pretty lady..:)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams all..

Missyhid, yes, I bring a camera.. my hp that is.. dont we all ? heeheh...
Md Fit is doing well, just need to give it a good bath.. haha.
Im dropping by your place today by the way.

Ihsan, its so hard to avoid these kindda of news esp since im so KEPO ! haha.. then I get so affected.. jizz...
No he is not RED.. I takut orang nak racing ngan I if its red, so we chose a 'safe' colour..

Sis Nor, u are one hot mama u know.. anyway, nice to meet u too and insyallah, now if we bump into each other at the masjid we'll know. hee...