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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Back to reality....

I was trying to blog yesterday, had so many things to type on this blog, pictures to post but it wasn't meant to be.

Housework and laundry from the trip took away my time too.

and hubby and me had to go all the way to Bukit Batok to run an errand...in the hot weather...making me wish i had a car .

At the end of the day, this exhausted body was revived by a long urut from an arab lady from the neighbouring block. Boleh lah tahan... I needed an urut, and she charges cheap cheap.. poor lady, widower, mother of 4 schooling kids and the last one is special. I guess I'll stick to her from now on.

Lots of hauls this week and next week. Ba'alawi, Habib Nuh, Sheikh Umar Alkhatib.
Lots of big maulids too.. habib Abbas is organising a Maulid at Al-Weda and amongst the guest is Sheikh Afeefudin. Ustaz Salleh is also having a maulid soon I heard.
This time, I'll leave it for hubby to go. I'll take care of Little Habib, he is not ready to attend hauls and maulid yet.

Had a great getaway to Genting last week.

The freezing weather at night was nice... Little Habib seems to be the strongest of all, he didnt appear affected by the low temperature at all.. hmm ..must be the baby fats...

Hubby enjoyed this trip too. He did reflexology for the first time at a shop name 'Healing Touch' by a young chap name Abdul Jim and that he said was the highlight.. now, he's trying to find a good place that does reflexology and Im thinking Golden landmark...We saw a well know Ustaz getting his feet pampered there once...

now its back to reality..im home, i have to work and I have housework to think off.

Something weighing over my head now.. big decision to make.. time for istighara...

Oh Allah please help me. Im scared.

Is there any zikir or Asma ul Husna that helps one makes a decision ? I'll chk that with my ustaz this Sunday.

I'm too loyal and that makes me all feverish.


nor said...

salaam Ummi,
you're back.
must be a great trip.
we need to getaway once a while,dont we?

did u take the cable car ride to get to the top?

Ummi's BLOG said...


nope, the coach brought us all the way to the top, but one of the first things we did was to take the cable car ride..its my dad's favourite...
and Little habib was so scared, he cling on to my dad..heee....

Red Herring said...

Salaam Ummi,

Whatever it is you are facing, I hope it all comes together well in the end. I think you have the book '40 Selawat Pilihan', right? There's bound to have something in there for daily ritual, Insya Allah.

~Ummu Nabil (I think easier for me to sign in and post comment lah. Hee..)

Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Salaam Ummi,

I hope you enjoyed the trip to genting though a short one.

Btw, I think it would be a great exposure and challenge to bring little habib to maulid, though he tends to crawl about. Can bring some of his toys there too. One bonus point is always having to get dua for these little ones from the habaaib who attend the maulid.

According to my husband, Ustaz Salleh is holding a maulid this coming Sunday, 13 may at his void deck Blk 15 Eunos Crescent.

Ummi said...


thkx red herring.. : ) at this moment, i have been relying on ratib alhadad for the peace of mind in my soon to be made decision...

Sure ummu mukhtaar, thks for that info.. though at the moment, I dont really have the confidence to bring him to crowded maulids.. I'll try someday..