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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Im not so stress up with milk woes these days..It must be because Im slowing coming to terms with the fact that my baby is in the group of 'babies who dont like milk' category.

Little Habib have been taking NeuroGain supplements which the GP recommended he takes since he dosnt drink much milk.

So GOD willing, NeuroGain will supplement his DHA / AA intakes.

Hubby bought it at the NTUC pharmacy and it cost ard $17.00, has 60 capsules.

I got my mum's helper to open the capsule, mix the oil in his apple purees and feed it to him for tea break.

But he doesnt really enjoy it, as its so fishy and will leave his face smelling all eggy. Poor baby...

I think I'll let him finish this bottle and then buy him Neutroplex which cost lesser and its to open his appetite.
I'd rather he eats fish and eggs but its seems that when we feed him that, he doesnt really like it..so as for now, its still brown rice or cereal with ikan bilis or chicken.


Ummu Mukhtaar said...


Alhamdulillah, we finally got rid of the milk woes, don't we? From the photos of little habib, he's growing well despite losing some weight.

Btw, if you are to give him Neutroplex before 1 year old, do consult the pharmacist on the amount to be given. It is 5 ml for kids 1 year and above and 10ml for adults. Its not fishy, but thick and sweet. Due to its thickness, my son feels like vomitting out each time I give him from the syringe.

As for foodwise, I would suggest variations to the brown rice that little habib is taking. for example, introduce him a type of ingredient like tomato with brown rice for a period of 3-4 days before introducing other ingred. If you notice that he dislikes the taste, stop for about a week or 2 before reintroducing it. Do not worry if he stops after 2-3 spoons. One way to avoid this is to introduce him towards the end of the feeding i.e. 3/4 of his meal is the normal one, and the last 1/4 the new introduction of new taste. Evaluate what he likes and sooner he'll be enjoying vast foodstuffs.

You ever mentioned about giving babies food from outside, wondering the amount of msg and salt they put in. It's about once a week that I do that if I'm not cooking on the day that we eat out. Alternatively, there are times where we bring food cooked for Mukhtaar as we eat out.

Enjoy your weekend.


Ummi's BLOG said...

AHH.. okie thanks for the tip sista...

yr a great mom and a role model !

Hope the little one is doing great in yr tummy...

have a great weekend too.