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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

From a P to the O !

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Its midweek... somehow this week, im not looking forward to the weekends...amidst all the tension there is, I'd rather drown myself in work.

Yes, K kin is right...my blog has depressing entries these days... well, thats how things are really, I have good days, and I have really sucky days...
niwei, thanks for all the comments.. wah, i guess what i face is not something new, many many of us have face such people in our lives.

Well, rather than feeling all choked up, this morning, i have some new-found confidence...I told hubby that my mission is to get everybody whose close to me to be on good terms.

From now on, whenever there is unhappiness said to me about someone, I will give a positive outlook to the problem instead of just listening or giving negative thoughts.

I want to be optimistic, not pessimistic.

Just a few days back, I told hubby to describe me in 3 words, he said Pessimistic, hardworking and stubborn. Ok, he laugh at the stubborn part but he was serious when he said pessimistic ! So there, i got a wake up call.

Isnt it good to be positive ? Refreshing indeed. Life is indeed a journey to Ihsan.


nor said...


sometimes its really hard to stay "alive" and being positive in this pessimistic world.
"poison ppl" are everwhere & since its not really possible to "eliminate" them, try to deal w them in small "doses".
channel your energy on positive activities instead...
take those negatives vibes around as challenges in life and pray for guidance work best.

hope this help.

ps: see, i told ya..im so no good in words.!

i shld just give u another ((HUGS))instead. :)

Ihsan said...

A Muslim lives between fear and hope. You need two wings to fly (according to Rumi)...

It's good you're being more optimistic. Sometimes, I thought you worry too much. Haha. I worry a lot too. Why my relatives don't get along, why my friends backbite, why there's war in MiddleEast...but I now try to focus on smaller things.

One of the hardest thing in life is to resolve human conflict.

Ummi's BLOG said...

yeah..from now on, i wanna be an Optimistic mummy..This is for the sake of my baby.

Huggies to all of u..

Ihsan..this friday, im going to Wardha, want to buy that book by Sheikh Hisyam's wife. See if they have it or not. Or maybe I shd call Mohsin to chk first.

Ihsan said...

ok, i can ck for u. Maybe dun have...heh...usually they take some time 2 bring in.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah! Atta girl!

Being O is harder than being P, I can grant you that. It takes a certain amount of guts, a dose of denial and a hefty helping of faith to grin brazenly in the face of viciousness and sail on as if nothing can hurt you (we all get the blues once in a while. some of us pound it to death before it can get too big). But to quote an old friend: "Don't despair because Allah is there."

Change your outlook for the family you love, if you must. But change it for your own sake first of all. That, Insya Allah, will set things in motion.

~Ummu Nabil