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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sleepy Tuesday

These eyes of mine shut at midnight last night all because a basket full of laundry awaited me as I reached home.

Hubby had to do overtime which will soon be a norm as his one other only colleague will be on reservist for a month. * Bingit ah... *

Being a working mother, who has to handle housework at the same time, is not a walk in the park, it takes alot of patience and energy but at least its better than many other things. Zip ! this mouth must not complain but but this face just cant hide the tiredness of the mind and the body.

~ Working Mummies with no helper would know exactly what I mean. ~

She, made some comments again which I totally do not agree only this time I chose to answer but in a firm sms. I realise I cant stop people from making assumptions and be open of their feelings about me, but I can stop myself from being affected from it.
Anyway, I love her so its only saddens me that she choose not to understand or even tolerate me.

Little Habib does not like milk. Its getting harder to feed him dinner too.
At a glance, seeing him squeal and cry and wiggle his body out of the chair and in the end,when the brown rice is finished, he vomits it all out seems like we are torturing him. poor baby...

I love my son, and I'm not the least angry with him but I worry. Will he have healthy bones with what little milk intake he takes in ?

Its adult food that he likes. But i have to take my stand. He is just too young for it. He's barely 8 months, 4 more months to go before I can relax abit on what he eats.
I may sound like a paranoid insecure overly OVER mummy but I am only being strict because Im his Ummi and it is me who is ultimately responsible for his diet since he cant tell of what is right and wrong YET.

And all I ask for is understanding from the others who love him. Ermm.... Please ?


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

hello from america. the thing that i noticed was your love of yusef islam/cat stevens. he is one of my favorite songwriters and singers and i was so happy when an other cup was released. take care.

Ummi's BLOG said...

hello... greetings..

My hubby is the one who introduce me to Cat Stevens. He's favourites are peace train and Lady D'Arbanville. I just like the kids songs...

: )

nor said...

salaam Ummi,

i can relate your sentiment of tiredness and laundry etc. ...hangin'there . :)

im always a walking zombie and the never ending housechores didnt help much either + handling it singlehandedly..*sigh*

Ummi's BLOG said...

but but but sista Nor, ur a hsewife kan ? are'nt hsewife suppose to have an easier life than FTWM ??
heee... just a shallow view from me.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi.. Maybe you can ask your paediatrician or doctor with regards to baby Habib's eating problems. Perhaps she can recommend a better solution. As mothers, especially first-time mothers, we want to do what's best and what's right for our babies. But there are instances where we may need to get an expert's advice and this is probably one of those instances.

Nabil is showing signs of being bored with his cereal, so I had to add Farley's Rusk to his diet for variety as he is allergic to some component in his Rice and Vegetable mix cereal.

Good on you for being firm and standing up to that bothersome person. Sometimes we can turn the other cheek, but we owe it to ourselves our own peace of mind. Just be careful that you don't turn into a shrew like me though. Hee..

~Ummu Nabil

nor said...


housewife = easier life..?
errr..how shall i put it eh..
hmmm,well..how abt meeting up for a cuppa..? :)

i think wheather a SAHM or FTWM, i reckon we got our fairshare of "headache"..hehehe