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Monday, March 12, 2007

Last Weekend - Part 1

Another weekend has passed. Its a 5 day work week for me this week with work ending at 5.30pm.

Last weekend left me with many contradicting emotions.

I had seen happiness in 1 room and the next was just sad. Hubby, me and Little Habib went to visit my cousin Id at ESH who has given birth to a handsome baby boy - Ilhan. Alhamdullilah. Congrats to her on the birth of her 2ND born. Very short labour and No Epi. Bravo.

As we enter the maternity ward, we met Cikgu R, hubby's good friend sitting at the lounge area with a tired look. We were blur when he said his wife was admitted. We thought his wife had given birth since we have not heard anything from him since he got married but cannot be since they only got married last NOV. Sadly, Cikgu R told us that his wife had been in and out of the hospital 5 times for terrible morning sickness. She's only in her 13th week of pregnancy and has been vomiting everything that she eats. After visiting Id, I carried little Habib to visit Cikgu R's wife and I wished I didnt. She looks so drained from all the omitting and I knew she didn't want to have any visitors. I left the room after 3 minutes but if only I had hugged her to give her some encouragement. From a mummy to a would be mummy, I emphatise. We spoke to cikgu R and gave him some encouragement. At least, he is very supportive to his wife.

I remember morning sickness. Its a terrible feeling which puts the preggy mummy in a zombie mode amidst the vomiting. Luckily for me, i only went through 2 weeks of it. We reminded Cikgu R of this ayat and he nodded in agreement. ( 2.286) On no soul does God Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns.

We also visited hubby's other friend Ab n Su who welcome their long awaited child - Adam. Interesting, Ab got his son's name from his stepgrandfather Almarhum Habib Awad. He had casually once asked his grandfather what is a good name to name his child and Habib Awad says Adam. They wanted another name after Adam and consulted Habib Abbas. Habib Abbas says, no, just 1 name will do fine.

While the men were chatting and baby bulat's mum was bfdg , me and Ummu Adam chatted on how she had waited 2.5 yrs for this baby even asking for air doa from Habib Ali in Batu Pahat. Im just so happy for her that Allah have kurnia kan her zuriat. I went through the anxiety phase on '' Can i get preggy and get my own child '' for 8mths before I found out that Im pregnant with little Habib and each months brought tears of dissappointment.

Baby Adam's room is so nicely decorated with Ikea furnishings. I must do up little Habibs room soon.

Saturday morning, we bought little Habib's new pram at Baby Kingdom, Kaki Bukit. Again we settle on a Combi just like his previous one. Combi is still our top pick in terms of light weight practical functions ( 3 sitting positions ) and affordable pricing. Hubby was glad I agreed with him that McClaren or the other brands are just not practical for little Habib because initially, I had gone there thinking of getting a McClaren pram.

I also bought for little Habib a Lucky Baby high chair so that he can join my parents at the kitchen table and Hubby bought for him a Fisher Price toys. I had complain to hubby on how Little Habib loves toys at this age and he just doesn't have any good ones at my parents place.

Sat's wedding dinner was so romantic. It was done in a hotel Dinner format with classified sittings and games despite being held under the Block. Azlin is now officially my cousin ! From a friend to a cousin... She looked so pretty as the star of the show that night.

So it was a weekend well spent. Its back to work for this Ummi now. Many people on MC this Monday and I just feel that i should be taking MC too. *dredz*

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