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Saturday, March 24, 2007

' Bloggy ' the Blog

Its a lovely Saturday morning.. but I'm at work.... bummer.

On the contrary, takpelah, going to work with the right Niat will also gain pahala apa.. and also, I get overtime pay for 4 hrs of duty , and the amount is quite substantial, so 1 sat duty per month is quite all right for this ummi.

Oh blog.. you know I love u. I should have had you sooner, than I could have told you all about my wedding and pregnancy details....

Am I crazy to treat you like a living thing ? hur hur hur.. seriously, having a blog is therapeutic especially for a 'Miss drama mama' like me who always have thoughts running in the heart and mind and also a huge burst to want to share my thoughts yet sometimes when I ramble on and on to Hubby whose my best friend by the way, he tends to shut off and i find myself just talking alone and looking all silly and then I have to force him to start listening to me again , of which he does just to please me and then again he will shut off.. and there i go again.. rambling to myself i mean..

My sister - massymoo, wants to help me change my blog to Wordpress. She showed me some interesting and pretty layouts in Wordpress even offering to change mine to SD's old layout... she says its me.. picture of nature, calm...But I dont know if I should move because Blogger is like my first love.

You see, I feel that my layout is so UN-interesting, but its just me. I love green and I must have an Islamic feeling to it hence the surah Al-Fatihah above.

Yeah, I know..I'm a boring person.. but whose to care as long as I'm happy. Well, the truth is I'm such a simpleton, not creative to say the least. I really like seeing my friends whose creativity just oozes out from their blogs but yet, I'm not one...so I'll have to content with this one.

I did try to change my blog skin but as you can see, it wasn't successful. And since I'm still a novice to blogging, Ive accepted that I cant blog as well as some other highly professional bloggers but I'll get the hang of it one day...pelan-pelan kayoh lah babe.

So the weekends here...

Lots of things to catch up with... Housework... Visiting ( eratkan silaturahim )............

I need a break ! but after becoming an UMMI, i really feel guilty to use that phrase buts that's a whole different issue which I don't wish to elaborate now.

and Ive been having a few asthma attacks these few days. Hopefully I can recover before next weekend where I'll have attend 2 important events. Hey! it will be our prophets birthday, of course its important and of course I want to attend the celebration. Also to see the blushing bride too. hee.


Ihsan said...


I've been reading that blog for the past 3 months...:)

Yes, blogging can reduce stress but your thoughts are pretty much public if you choose to blog, i.e. just anyone can read your blog. So, that's the not-so-good part if there are people whom you do not want, reading your blog.

I guess, it boils down to what you want to achieve lah. You want opinions, you get opinions, you want to de-stress, you get to de-stress, you want to share, you get to share. Can't believe I've blogged for 3 years. Always wanted to stop but never did!

Heh, your blog looks fine. I take so long to fix my blog only to realise on different computers it looks different. So, I gave up lah. So troublesome...maybe if I get bored.

Ummi's BLOG said...

actually my main reason for blogging is to share my thoughts to someone ( in this case, my blog ) and if there is any religious knowledge that i learn, i want to write it down and its a form of revision for me..

yea..i call u a power blogger.. v onz one. hee..

Anonymous said...

actually being a working mother is quite stressfull..
so it's good that you have a place to flow your thoughts.