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Monday, February 26, 2007

Not in the Best of Moods....

Blog, Please lend me a listening ear.

Its going to be a long week with work ending at 6.30pm. On top of that, I have to work this saturday because last week, I had a colleague cover my sat shift.

But the thing that really bugs me is this colleague of mine who sits beside me in my spur.

She is 35yrs old, rich and branded. She's into her 12weeks of her 1st pregnancy. This was an unplanned pregnancy, though she did say she was about to try for a baby in the next 2 years.

She is totally nonchalant about this pregnancy. When she first told me that she's pregnant, I was happy for her as this is her 1st pregnancy albeit at 35yrs of age. I tried to encourage her to breastfeed and she asked me why should she breastfeed. She wont do it because it will inconvenient her. I couldn't say more since that was her attitude.

Now, she keeps drinking C*KE everyday. She is addicted to this caffeinated drink. I'm so bugged by this because too much sugar will make her child hyper active and taking care of her child will proof to be more of a challenge for her. I'm thinking if I should tell her to stay off this drink but if she does not even want to feed her baby with breast milk, will she care if she feeds the baby with this carbonated drink ?

Why doesn't she spare a thought for the life inside her tummy. Isn't it natural instinct for a mummy to care for her offsprings ? Y is it so hard for me to keep my mouth shut ?........... I'm really trying because I don't want to be labeled a Kepo.

Poor Baby..I wish I have super powers to save this baby from such a care-less mummy. *Sigh*............

I'll try to talk about my happy experience at Masjid Aleem Siddique tomorrow. But till then, I shall keep pitying her baby.



Anonymous said...

hi there,
masya allah, when i read your profile, i see many many similarities and i find this really uncanny and coincidental.
i am proud to be able to read of a fellow muslimah's blog who can write this way, in a way that i myself can never dream of.
i am at times ashamed of my obsession with weight loss instead of my strive towards being a better muslimah.
i salute u, may i link u then? heh.

nor said...

salaam to u sis,

tis make me recall during my pregnancies...im a coffee addict, i must have my cuppa every morning,else i'll be groggy n cant function well. but alhamdullilah with HIS mercy..im able to refrain myself ..and best thing im "workable"...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

If God wants to protect the unborn baby then no one can hurt it..and also no matter how much protection we give the baby if God want ssomething to happen, it will happen..

Ummi's BLOG said...

Hi Nad.. yes, u may link me..Ive read yr blog..ur're such a pro at blogging...and Ive gotten so much tips on weight loss from it. : )

To anonymous... : yes..i must keep remembering that Allah is the best of protectors. Not some 'super power mummy' wannabe like me... Thanks.

ihsan said...

selamat pagi.

remember how much u love kids...must be a stress for you.

my mom always say...mak mana tak sayang anak. Maybe just the way they show it is different. Sayang tetap sayang..

ihsan said...

and btw, what's that about losing weight. You look fine...dun become like me, later people say too thin, then you'll get worried lah. Sitting at syarahan also get butt pain.

Ummi's BLOG said...

i still have post pregnancy tummy.. quite flabby and im too lazy to do sit ups.. hehe... u may not notice it lah but its there.